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Many of our visitors have asked for restaurant recommendations when visiting the collection. We have assembled several lists to reflect varied tastes, budgets and locations. Our first group of restaurants in the Design District, are within walking distance of the collection.

Art and food, two engrossing and pleasurable subjects,  have many creative connections. From the hearty meals devoured by peasants on a Bruegel canvas, to works by Rembrandt, Monet, Warhol and so many others, food tells a story, illuminates who we are, and provides a focal point for our lives. Enjoy our local restaurants.

Carole Guest

Carole Guest divides her time between New York City, South Hampton and Miami where she resides during the Winter Season.  Her passion for food, combined with her love of art is the reason why she created this site for the de la Cruz collection. We hope that Carole’s insight will provide an enriched experience for those who love good dining.

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